International directors and cast members share their messages, and young stars charms audience

Day 4 at Shidax Culture Hall in Shibuya

The program for the day was composed of [International Program] and [Asia International & Japan Program] films. Many directors and cast members were generous enough to share their time with the audience for Q&A sessions.

The day began with… Asia Internation & Japan Program 2

“The Last Entry” Jeanette Aw (Director)

As an actress in Singapore herself, Aw explained how the story came from her own experience, except it was the story with her godmother. Like in the film, text messages came after the news of her godmothers’ death, and that was because of bad signal on her phone. Aw also explained how it is really expensive to make such films in Singapore.

Daishi Kato (Director), Jeanette Aw (Director), Kiyoharu Naruse (Cast), Daisuke Matsumoto (Cast)


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