Jeanette Aw x The Last Entry

The Last Entry

Jane is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she tries her best to cope. She starts by recording the most important moments in her life, hoping she will always remember the things that should not be forgotten. She chooses to stay home and her daughter, Natalie, employs a full time caregiver to take care of her while she goes off to work.

Days pass, and Alzheimer’s progresses. Jane’s condition deteriorates. She starts to forget some words, and then completely forgets the journal and making entries. She starts to forget her only daughter. Natalie desperately tries to hold on to the memories as they fade from Jane’s mind. What was once a shared memory now only belongs to Natalie.

“The Last Entry” depicts the relationship between mother and daughter, and the bonds that will not break under the most trying of conditions.

Based on a true story.

Music Video